Shoutout to Tom “Mubmle” De Alva, Chris “CEO” Oka, & Julian Lopez for the dope promo video. YEEE!


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What is PCN? PCN stands for “Pilipino Cultural Night,” which celebrates Pilipino culture through theater, dance and music. This entire production is put on by the members of the Pilipino American Alliance at UC Merced. This annual event includes a script, choir, and dances all performed by the students themselves. This show is a culmination of dedication, hard work, and heart to showcase the history and culture of the Philippines.

Pilipino Cultural Night 2013: Against The Grain highlights some of the strugles that modern day Filipinos experience. The story follows the life of four young filipinos who live within the San Francisco Bay Area. The four main characters are Jomar Cabigon, a native of the Philippines working abroad in the States as an Engineer, Bonifacio Karangalan, a successful young adult making his way up the corporate ladder, Analyn Karangalan, a college senior faced with the choice between performing arts school and medical school, and Jinky Madison Jones, a freshman in college who is just learning about her Filipino culture.

Questions about Barrio?